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The Liz Hanlon Book Series 

Liz Hanlon approaches her music with the passion of a climber scaling a mountain. She’s poured herself into her music, never compromising her dream.  After ten long years in piano dumps, a music critic calls her voice "alluring and powerful,” and soon she's offered a chance for international fame--but that success comes with a price that threatens to ruin her family's reputation, and stop her career before it's barely begun.  


​Months later, still reeling from a family tragedy, another opportunity arrives that could result in a long-awaited recording contract.  At tonight's performance, every bigwig from Ardor Records will be watching, deciding.  Liz is pumped and ready.  But while critics sip champagne with raised pinkies, a brutal female gang member with an AK-47 burst in.  Flanked by two armed sidekicks, she begins robbing patrons of their valuables.  Within minutes one man is dead, another wounded.  Liz resists, but she soon discovers that the theft is just a cover--and she is the trio's real target.   

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Harmonic Deception


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High Notes Are Murder


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