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"High Notes Are Murder"

Chase your dreams . . .


Singer-songwriter Liz Hanlon is relentless in her quest for a music career.  When she’s offered a chance for international fame through live TV concerts, she believes her troubles are over.  But someone else has different ideas.  She begins receiving eerie cards with threatening messages, each more frightening than the last. 

Working late the night before the broadcast, she stumbles over something in the darkness, discovering the body of her young cousin at the foot of the stage.   

Her cousin's murder puts her career on hold. Compelled to find the killer, Liz learns of his connection to a mob rip-off twenty years ago.  

But that revelation creates a bigger problem when she discovers that her uncle may have been involved in the same scandal.  Revealing what it takes to expose the killer could mean ruining her family name, and possibly ending her career before it's even begun.  

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