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High Notes Are Murder


“Reed delivers a double treat with High Notes and its companion CD.  A witty and fascinating insider’s look at an LA music scene that is weirder and scarier than most fans will ever know.”  --Taylor Smith, author of The Innocents Club & Guilt By Silence

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On Stage CD.
High Notes Are Murder Soundtrack CD


Liz's beginning works revealing her pop-jazz roots, reflective lyrics, and smooth grooves.




Harmonic Deception


Liz Hanlon is extremely talented.  Shouldn't that be enough to "make it" in the music business?  Combined with a stubborn streak and a desire for straight talk and common sense, her talent sometimes puts her on a collision course with the ways of today’s indie world.  Whether disagreeing with her producer about how a song should be recorded, or chasing clues in unfamiliar territory, Liz and her fellow characters face the kind of lightening-fast changes they never could have imagined. "Adapt or quit," she says aloud.  She tries to adapt.  But some changes go against everything she believes in.  So what is to become of that talent?


When the crime is solved, the criminals punished, there is one thing she can count on:  the music.  Liz pours her emotions into vivid and expressive song lyrics in her "Live Concerts" CDs. 

On Stage  CD


Hear the songs Liz writes and sings in Harmonic Deception and follow as her Pop and Jazz-Pop styles evolve along with the storyline. 


Coming Soon: Book 3 and its accompanying CD 

The Way You Look Tonight - Barbara Reed
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