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During my twenty + years of singing and playing live music, we hit all the styles from the giants of past decades to those of the present.  We're still performing LIVE MUSIC for all occasions, and writing new songs.  

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The Barbara Reed Group for: 



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  • Dodger Stadium  A five-year stay as the house band for Barbara & Jeff Fish (Blue Fish) at the Stadium Club

  • The Black Marlin, Tustin

  • Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

  • City of Los Angeles

  • Los Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

  • Long Beach Yacht Club

  • Phil Trani’s Restaurant, Long Beach

  • The Jazz Kitchen  For 8 yrs, Barbara performed at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney.  

  • Summer City Concerts:

    • San Gabriel, 

    • San Dimas, 

    • Long Beach, 

    • Laguna,

    • Laguna Niguel,

    • Lakewood,

    • Brea 

  • Galli's--8 yrs for The Barbara Reed Trio at Galli’s Piano Jazz in Rancho Cucamonga 

  • Barbara& Jeff Fish are back at Park Ave. in Stanton   Check schedule


  • The Sawdust Festivalin Laguna Beach 

  • Staples Center

  • Ritz Carlton Hotel, Laguna Beach

  • Hamilton’s Steakhouse


  • Baci’s Italian Restaurant, Huntington Beach, CA

  • Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dana Point—Barbara performed solo piano & vocal weekly for over two years.


  • Calimesa Country Club

  • Long Beach Yacht Club

  • Lakewood Country Club

  • Seal Beach Yacht Club

  • Maggiano’s Italian Restaurants

  • The Sea Country Center’s Summer Concertat Laguna Niguel

  • Countless shows throughout Southern California for lounge entertainment as well as private, corporate and promotional events. 


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07 But It's His Eyes
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06 This Was Meant To Be
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05 Remember Me
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Something to Talk about w V trak - 5:13:Barbara Reed
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08 You Can Take It All Back
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The Tear Returns to Me
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Being there
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She Saw You Comin'
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All in The Game
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Right Here All the Time
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After years of striving, singer-songwriter Liz Hanlon’s whole future comes down to one thing: tonight’s performance.  It’s her first CD release party, and every bigwig in the business will be there . . . along with two brutal female gang members, one armed with an AK-47 and an insatiable hatred for Liz.  The shooter takes command while her sidekick begins robbing patrons. In minutes, the room is chaos and gunshots.  Liz's agent is dead, a renowned composer near death, and Liz is fighing for a way out.  She wrestles with the shooter, quickly discovering that the robbery is a ruse.  This crime is personal and she is the target. 

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Harmonic Deception

Harmonic Deception is the "Perfect Book Club Book". We played Barbara's " High Notes are Murder Soundtrack" CD as we discussed the dramatic attack at the nightclub and how Liz bravely improvised a way out. Hearing Barbara singing during the meeting was almost like she was with us. And by the way, the music is as good as the book. --- Kentucky Lady, Amazon Reviews


Harmonic Deception is action-packed and witty, with a revelation after the revelation! The performer's side of the biz in on target. Impossible to put down! -- Jazz Vocalist Weis Norberg, Amazon Reviews


High Notes Are Murder is a fascinating, plausible, highly recommended mystery. Barbara Reed is a Los Angeles musician with twenty years of experience.  She does a marvelous job of describing today's music scene. She spins a fascinating and plausible tale around Liz, which puts her squarely in the middle of the action.

By Midwest Book Review 






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High Notes Are Murder

Chase your dreams . . .


Singer-songwriter Liz Hanlon is unstoppable in her quest for a successful music career.  She’s been stuck in low-paying piano dives for ten years, her expressive melodies and lyrics sidelined as she’s struggled to make a living . . . until now.


Finally, she's offered a chance for international fame through live TV concerts.  Recalling her father’s advice to chase her dreams, she believes her troubles are over.  She couldn’t be more wrong. 


Preparing to broadcast her music to the world from the stage of a popular Los Angeles nightclub, she discovers the body of her young cousin at the foot of the stage.  


The next days are a dizzying whirlwind of frightening events, each one punctuated by a half dozen eerie cards she receives that threaten her life.  Her big chance is ruined, her career on hold.  Now she chases clues instead of her dream, but once she connects  the killer to a mob rip-off of twenty years ago, her revelation creates another problem.  Revealing the killer’s identity also connects her favorite uncle to the same scandal.  Her family name, as well as her own, could be ruined before her career has even started.  

The Way You Look Tonight - Barbara Reed
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